Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography is mostly known as headshot photography or LinkedIn photography where a corporate photo is needed for professional platforms or marketing material. With a professional look and feel it doesn’t have to be just bound to the typical headshot with a white background as this has been overdone and doesn’t showcase your company to be any different from the next, therefore most of our clients are opting for a blend of corporate and branding photography where their corporate photos are staged in an interesting location or with an interesting background that shows they are a team.

Corporate Photography

Who is your team?
What are your company values?

Corporate photography is for a company to showcase the team behind the brand with high-quality professional photos that can be used on professional websites, Linkedin, marketing/advertising material, and more.

What is included?

Shoot Duration

Packages start at 1.5 hours

(All the way up to full-day shoots)

Shoot Inclusions

Packages start at 1 location

(Packages with multiple location and outfit options)


Plenty of options contact us for details

(Most days and times available)


Packages $1050 AUD +GST

(Contact us for more details)

Contact us today to prepare for your Corporate photoshoot.

(Not located in Perth? No problem, pending location, we will travel to you!)


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